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Natural Aroma Enhances Memory 


Better concentration can help students improve their learning ability while adults also want stronger memory for better performance at work. There are many courses and products for improving remembrance in the market. Among them, there is natural aroma that you may want to try.


There is a close relationship between fragrance and remembrance. The olfactory nerve is linked directly to the brain when influenced by what is being inhaled, the nerve can assist in long lasting and solid memory. Several studies have shown that some aromas can effectively stimulate the cerebral cortex activities, helping to activate the hippocampus response signal, thus enhancing memory. Most of these aromas come from plant's natural incense.


Rosemary has long been recognized for helping memory. Its effect has been heralded for centuries. For example, William Shakespeare, the greatest British writer wrote in his masterpiece Hamlet that rosemary is the grass of remembrance. Ophelia, Hamlet's lover says: "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance."


Earlier, Dr. Mark Moss from the Northumbria University in the UK carried out a memory test on 66 healthy adults and 40 children respectively. The adults were divided into two groups, similarly for the children group, and were arranged in two rooms with and without rosemary aroma. They then underwent a memory test.


The test results showed that the memory of the adults and children in the room with rosemary aroma was better - on average an improvement of 5% to 7% in results, especially the "working memory". On testing, their blood was found to contain 1,8- Cineole released from rosemary, this compound has long been proved to consolidate human memory.


Apart from rosemary, the aroma of mint and rose also helps with memory. Mint releases an aroma that makes people feel fresh and cool, it has been identified as the best refreshing plant. There is experimental data showing that mint can increase the brain's blood oxygen to enhance people's awakening state, and improve concentration. Even Chinese medical practitioner also said that it can clear the head or block pathogens from interfering the brain. When the state of the brain is good, one can focus on learning with good memory.


Most people also think that rose aroma can help people to relax and recover from fatigue, and thus assist in learning. In fact, there is scientific proof that it can strengthen the memory. Studies found that people inhale rose aroma during deep sleep can enhance the vitality of cerebral cortex, and the ability to transmit signals between nerve cells. The memory of things will therefore be significantly improved upon waking up.


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Dr. Winnie Tang

Founder and Chairman of the Conservation E3 Foundation