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Insight from a Pioneer of GIS and Digital Transformation

Smart City 4.0 by Dr. Winnie Tang describes how startups are using GIS for the digital transformation of Hong Kong in the post-COVID-19 era.

Hong Kong, an international financial center and one of the former Four Asian Tigers [i.e., Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan] is a leading smart city. Tang shares the insight she has gained from building a successful GIS business and as a leader of smart city development in Hong Kong.

The book illustrates—through the use of GIS—how startups have become the driving force of smart city development in the postepidemic era, with applications that predict the risk of virus transmission, improve urban planning, enhance mobility efficiency, and promote communication between the government and citizens.

Hong Kong's digital transformation and its smart city applications highlight the huge business opportunities created by smart city development. Applications developed by nine local organizations and government departments in Hong Kong, together with applications from startups outside of Hong Kong, provide examples of best practices. These examples will help readers discern global trends and opportunities in the postepidemic era.

In the book's preface, Esri founder and president Jack Dangermond shares his firsthand knowledge of Hong Kong's turbulent road to digital transformation and how Tang has risen to meet those challenges over the last 25 years.

Tang is a Hong Kong-born IT entrepreneur who founded Esri China (HK) Limited. She specializes in GIS and smart city technologies. She led the world's mapping and data analytics efforts in response to the first severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak, pioneering methods that have become indispensable for timely and effective epidemic monitoring and response. She is also the founder and honorary president of the Smart City Consortium, a nongovernmental organization (NGO). She serves as an adjunct professor on the faculty of engineering (computer science), the faculty of social sciences (geography), and the faculty of architecture at the University of Hong Kong.

This book was published by Esri China (Hong Kong) Ltd. in March 2022 and is available in both English (ISBN: 978-988-78259-4-4) and Chinese (ISBN: 978-988-78259-1-3) as a free PDF download.