Listening to songs is about texture and timbre, so I prefer to listen to vinyl records. It cannot be replaced by compact disc. The Beatles and The Carpenters are both must-have collections in our generation who grew up listening to vinyl records. The local favourites are Wynners and Sam Hui Koon-kit. Their songs remind me of the years when I grew up, the old envelope of vinyl records and the history behind each song, and the rich texture of the sound from the needle, which can evoke a feeling of nostalgia. How can audiophiles mind taking the time to take care of old vinyl records!

After work, music helps me relax. I especially like the background music played by the violin, acoustic guitar, and piano as it plays a harmonious melody. I have never tired of listening to the oldies hundreds times, the record “Silver Screen Classics” is the best that I ever heard! Once you play the first song “Moon River”, you can’t help playing and listening continuously and never wanting to stop. In the quiet night, listening to jazz music played by Saxophone, with Natalie Cole's singing really intoxicates me.