Table tennis is one of my favourite sports. This sport doesn't need someone to be tall, and skill is more important than strength. It is very suitable for people like me who are small and like to use their brains. I loved this sport when I was a kid. Since my family were not wealthy, the best activity in my spare time was playing table tennis. As long as you have a racket and a table tennis ball, you can play with the children next door without spending a penny. You can learn skills and strategies while playing this game. I enjoyed playing it very much as it often reminds me of the good old memories in my childhood. When I was studying in university, I still played with the school team, and even after starting a business, I had the opportunity to participate in a table tennis competition organized by the Cyberport Tenant Committee.

Playing table tennis requires strategy and skill. After a long period of practice, I have developed these skills and sometimes applied them to my career as well. It keeps my mind clear and flexible, so I really love this sport.