Travel with me


Over the years, I have always had the chance to travel all over the world. I treasured the time to visit famous attractions wherever possible to understand the history and culture, and to let myself relax and think about the meaning of life at the same time.

Europeans are well known for being life savvy. This has not caused any conflicts between the traditional culture and the development of advanced technology. I have experienced this deeply every time I participate in technology exhibitions or exchanges. Particularly worth mentioning is Switzerland, because the quality of life of local people is often envied by many of us. The national income of Switzerland is one of the best in Europe. People are also known for their punctuality and hard work, but they pay more attention to their quality of life. So every time I come to Switzerland, I also remind myself to manage my time well, so that I can achieve a work life balance and maintain my physical and mental health.

In addition to being exposed to multi-national cultures while working or travelling, I also experience Chinese culture while having knowledge exchanges and participating in lectures. For a while, I used to go to western China to give lectures. I set foot in the ancient cities of Xi'an, Lanzhou, and Dunhuang. When I paid visit to the ancient castles, ancient grottoes, ancient temples, ancient post stations, ancient ruins, ancient tombs and other cultural relics, I felt so proud of the culture and wisdom of the ancient peoples from my country. Today, northwestern China has gathered many ethnic and religious customs. It is also an aerospace science and technology centre and has an important position in China. The famous "Silk Road" is well known for the frequent exchanges between Eastern and Western civilizations. We can still witness the vestiges of these “Silk Road” routes which played a significant role in the development of civilizations in the East and the West throughout the history.

Whenever I travel, I also strive for an opportunity to understand the local culture, broaden my horizons and experience, and make my life beautiful.